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Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to a set of techniques and skills used by healthcare

Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to a set of techniques and skills used by healthcare providers to sustain or restore the vital functions of a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies. BLS includes a series of procedures that can be performed by trained individuals to support and maintain the airway, breathing, and circulation of a person until advanced medical assistance can be obtained.

BLS techniques may include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which involves chest compressions and rescue breathing, as well as the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), which can help restore normal heart rhythms in individuals experiencing cardiac arrest. Other techniques may include controlling severe bleeding, managing choking, and providing basic first aid.BLS training is often provided to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians, as well as to individuals who work in certain professions or settings where emergency response may be required, such as lifeguards, firefighters, and teachers.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is required because it can make the difference between life and death in emergency situations. When a person experiences cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies, every second counts, and the provision of effective BLS can increase the chances of survival and minimize the risk of long-term damage.BLS techniques are designed to support and maintain the vital functions of the body, such as airway, breathing, and circulation, until advanced medical care can be provided.

Without prompt and effective BLS, a person may experience irreversible brain damage or even death within a matter of minutes.BLS training is therefore essential for healthcare providers, emergency responders, and individuals who work in high-risk environments, as it can provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. By ensuring that BLS techniques are performed correctly, individuals can help save lives and prevent further harm to the person in need of assistance.

The benefits of Basic Life Support (BLS) are numerous, as it can help to save lives and prevent long-term damage in emergency situations. Here are some of the key benefits of BLS:

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